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Renovation of a residential property subject to constraints by the Superintendence of Udine with annexed farmhouse and park.

Municipality of Moruzzo, Udine, Italy
The building complex is composed of a main building, a technical systems building and a terraced park featuring a belvedere with a balustrade in carved artificial stone.
The entire property where the building with its annexes is located is subject to environmental constraints by the Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage.
The following works were carried out in compliance with the existing constraints:
Park and garden
- Cleaning of the park with the safeguard of the more valuable tree varieties;
- Restoration and reconstruction of the terraces with stone walls;
- Reconstruction of the existing balustrade with recovery of the existing elements and remake of the missing ones;
- Installation of a new lighting system of the terraces and walkways in the park;
Main Building
- Complete renovation of the building's interior by total demolition;
- Total internal excavation of the main building for the construction of a new basement;
- Consolidation of the outer walls of the excavation by building a Berlin-type structure;
- Construction of the new basement made of reinforced concrete with barrel-vaulted ceiling and circular interior columns with capitals;
- Reconstruction of the intermediate floors made of wood with top layer in concrete;
- Reconstruction of the wooden covering with insulated and ventilated layer;
- Consolidation of top of the tower through the use of micropiles and construction of a new self-supporting roof in wood and steel;
- Construction of new stairwells within the structure and installation of a lift inside the tower;
- All the floors in the upper floors were made of antiqued wood while the ground floor was paved with Venetian composite flooring.
Technical services building
Two-storey building separated from the main building and completely renovated and expanded with the construction of a basement.
All of the technical systems of the entire complex are installed in the basement of this building and comprise:
- Main electric switchboard powering the electric panels of each floor of the house;
- Main heating system supplying of floor sub-zones;
- Centralized ventilation system with vents distributed to the various floors;
- Management station of the interior technological systems.
The building is also used as a garage on the ground floor and for service staff on the first floor.