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Extraordinary maintenance and expansion of a coffee toasting industrial building at the headquarters of the Demar CaffË s.r.l. Company

City of Udine, Italy
In addition to works on the existing building for the creation of spaces for technical systems, the project included the construction of an additional double-height structure.
The expansion of the existing building consists of two bodies connected to each other:
- The main body, a prefabricated structure used as a warehouse, garage and office building, has a rectangular plan and has two floors, with a total height of 6.00 m above ground
- The second body, with an irregular plan and a structure consisting of beams, pillars and partitions in reinforced concrete, is divided into two double-height spaces, the first of which, containing the main entrance, is 6.00 m high, while the space that houses the silo reaches a height of approximately 11.00 m with its prismatic dome.
The silo was provided with a dome roof with a structure in tubular steel covered with transparent cellular polycarbonate panels.
The project included the installation of the systems needed for the inclusion of a new back-up toasting system as well as for the operation of the new green coffee storage silo and the related internal distribution system.