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Construction of a new central heating facility at Cividale del Friuli Hospital

Municipality of Cividale del Friuli, Udine, Italy
The Management Committee of Cividalese Local Health Unit (USL) No. 5 analysed the overall status of the buildings, technological systems, warehouses, maintenance workshops, technical rooms, utility rooms and staff changing rooms and drew up a general plan of the works needed.
In general, this plan set out the priority for works determined by the most contingent issues and by a broader perspective to progressively adapt the hospital technical services.
Based on this premise, the priority went to the works on the technological systems of the Hospital in Cividale del Friuli, in light of the assessment on the status of the existing central heating systems, existing hot water and steam distribution networks, and operating costs and on the need for adjustments for the purpose of preventing fires and accidents linked to the systems and technical rooms, as well as on the underground connection between the two separate buildings constituting the hospital.
The assignment involved drawing up the adaptation and renovation plan of the technological systems with the creation of a new central heating system and the related connecting tunnels to the former heating facilities transformed into substations for existing users.
In order not to create pressure-related technical problems on existing plants, the supporting structure of the new flue stacks was used to install a 3.00-t water expansion tank at its top, i.e., at about 23.00 m above the ground.