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Construction of a power supply and back-up system for Pordenone Hospital

Municipality of Pordenone, Italy
The project concerned the realization of the power supply and back-up system on the premises of “Santa Maria degli Angeli” Hospital in Pordenone, as it was no longer possible to identify a priority primary system between the operating part and services in the existing structures.
The works involved a MV distribution system to be combined with the existing one, supplied by a back-up power generator system having a power equal to the maximum absorbed by the entire complex. The works covered four areas of interest:
- Area 1: GENSET: A single 1250 kVA power generator, already acoustically isolated, was installed in the power generator room. To prepare the various electrical connections for the generator unit, the piping of the entire area of interest, consisting of connection ducts to existing installations laid in the floor, was installed.
- Area 2: TANK: A prefabricated 10,000-litre steel tank was installed in the ground under the parking area. It is of the double-chamber type and contains the fuel to power the new generator.
- Area 3: EMERGENCY STATION No. 2: In the basement of Building C, a room was built to install emergency station no. 2 having the following characteristics: a raised floor with metal tubular structure and modular support panels, REI 120 plastered walls made of hollow bricks, 2 REI 120 double doors, one of which fitted with a metal ladder. The station has been adequately vented with a grille with motor-driven automatic metal fins fit in the opening of the existing shaft.
- Area 4: EMERGENCY STATION No. 3: A metal support structure for emergency station No. 3, installed inside a metal container, was installed on the flat roof of a mechanical room inside the complex. The said structure was made with H260B beams joined transversely by three UNP260 cross-beams. The girders rest on one side on the perimeter wall of the building and on the other side on a main inside wall located on the floor below. A concrete slab was laid on the side opposite the station.