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Construction of the new headquarters of AMGA - Municipal water, gas and electricity company.

City of Udine, Italy
The works commissioned by the Udine-based AMGA Azienda Multiservizi S.p.A. Company involved the construction of the new headquarters in the area adjacent to the former commercial offices underneath the suspended water tank.
The complex is composed of three separate major buildings:
- The Office building, which is the most important part of the complex, located above the channel and organized on several floors above ground with continuous facades;
- The Systems Management building that comprises the warehouse and mechanical workshops;
- The Internal Services unit that includes, on one side, all the staff rooms, e.g., changing rooms, bar, canteen, trade union meeting rooms etc., and, on the other side, the company garage and central heating systems for the entire building complex.
The systems needed to manage the entire complex cover also the commercial offices situated at the base of the suspended tank. These comprise an interesting permanent exhibition of documents and artifacts of historical interest concerning the key moments in the company's history.