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Installation of new facilities by enlarging the existing structure of the residential and day care center for disabled people of the Valentino Pontello Foundation

Municipality of Majano, Udine, Italy
The works involved the construction of a new building for the completion of the facilities of the residential and day care center for disabled people of the "Valentino Pontello" charitable foundation in compliance with Italian Ministerial Decree no. 236/89.
The project provided for the construction of three separate buildings:
Day Care Center
- Hosted inside a single double-height room and divided by a central structural wall that allows it to be used for different activities;
- Equipped in a versatile way with systems and workstations depending on actual needs; 
- Designed with a versatile lighting system so that it can be distributed in a targeted way on the various workstations to ensure direct lighting of the surface in compliance with work requirements.
Utility Area
- Hosted inside a building similar to the day care center and consisting of a single floor above ground; intended for the bathroom and dressing room facilities for disabled guests and the service staff, with offices, archives and dedicated bathrooms.
The roof space hosts a mechanical room for the installation of the HVAC equipment for the new facilities.
Entrance zone and connection to the existing structure
- Consisting of a metal structure between the new buildings and between these and the existing building.
This structure has two specific purposes:
- A metal structure joining the main entrances of the "Day Care Center" and "Services Area" as a transit and/or waiting area for operators and/or disabled people. This area is provided with a barrel-shaped arched metal roofing covered with transparent cellular polycarbonate panels.
- A connecting tunnel between the new buildings and the existing building made of an arched metal structure covered with transparent polycarbonate panels.
The "Day Center" and the "Services Area" were made with the same structural type consisting of load-bearing structures in reinforced concrete and lamellar wooden saddle roof suitable for the installation of solar panels for power generation.