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Renovation and change of intended use of a stavolo (rural construction typical of Carnia) for use as residential housing for the Socchieve Albergo Diffuso (scattered hotel)

Municipality of Socchieve, Udine, Italy
The works financed with EU funds involved the renovation for residential use of a rundown rural building in the mountain area.
The following works were carried out for the project involving a two-floor building, one of which a basement due to the sloping configuration of the area:
- Demolition of unsafe parts;
- Excavation in rock for the enlargement of the basement already used as a stable;
- Consolidation of the existing walls with the construction of new walls like the existing ones;
- Construction of a ventilated floor on the ground floor in compliance with sanitary regulations;
- Construction of a flat floor slab and a roof with exposed solid wood beams;
- Complete thermal insulation of bearing walls, ground floor and roof;
- Creation of a balcony on the facade partially buffered by vertical wood staves that connect the balcony to the roof jetty.
The floors were connected internally by a staircase made of the same type of wood of the floor and roof.
All the works, including the facade, were carried out to match the local architectural style and fit into the surrounding environment.